25-ish Minutes of Agents of Mayhem


Have a look at the opening mission right here;

The Saints are coming! Well…not the Saints but, ugh. You know what I mean right? Hey look, a new video!

Due out on the 18th, Agents of Mayhem is a spin-off of Volition Software’s Saints Row franchise and sees you tasked with protecting the world with a rag team of badass field Agents against the dastardly LEGION. It’s frantic and our full review will go live tomorrow. Fancy a quick nose at the game beforehand though? Course you do, here’s the opening mission, edited a little due to Rossko being generally rubbish.

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  1. […] the joke? Oh! Ha! HA!…Right, anyway. If you wanna see some more of the game we have a video here of our playthrough of the first mission and a full review coming tomorrow morning. Don’t miss […]

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